Saturday, August 24, 2013

Third Time’s a charm in Italy!

 Like I mentioned in my Walnut Pesto post. I just got back from my third, and favorite, trip to Italy. I would still love to go back and visit Southern Italy, but this time I was based in Milan. I traveled there for 7 relaxing days with my boyfriend and we were able to visit many of the most famous monuments in Milan which you can find individual posts about below. (When I write them) Unfortunately, Da Vinci’s The Last Supper was sold out all the days we were.

Milan is Italy’s second biggest city (Rome is the first) and is the capital of Lombardy. Many people know it as the fashion capital of the world, but it also has many other important things such as the Italian Stock Exchange and many headquarters of national and international companies.

What I really don’t like when traveling is when I can’t understand or speak the language, I feel like I have a real disadvantage. Which is why I love being able to speak Spanish. It is incredibly how much Spanish you can get away with speaking there! So before you head out to Italy, dust off your high school Spanish book and learn a few Italian words to throw in as well and you will be at a huge advantage.

Or you can just do this ;)

Here are my other posts about my trip to Milan:

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