Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day trip to Venice

One of the best things about Italy is how connected the entire country is by train. Its really easy and cheap to take day trips. We were able to take 3 day trips during our time in Milan.

My boyfriend had never been to Venice so that was his choice for our first day trip. I had visited Venice in December 2011 the day after Christmas with my friend Shani. Here is the post. Let me tell you, visiting in August and visiting in December are COMPLETELY different. Shani and I were basically alone in the city which was really cool. Mo and I were there were 9 million of our closest friends.

On the Accademia Bridge
Some of our friends in the Piazza San Marco

Venice is only about a 2 and a half train ride from Milan and there are tons of trains between the two cities each day.

To me, Venice is like a different world. The streets are so small, there are no cars and bridges everywhere.  The water is a beautiful color too, its like a weird green/blue color that I swear you can only see in Venice.



I love taking pictures of the doors in Venice. I love the stripped wood and the algae growing at the bottom.


We, being the poor and cheap people we are, decided not to go on an 80-150 euro gondola ride. But, instead parked ourselves by a bridge to watch all the people enjoying their rides. Almost as fun, right?


I think one of the biggest misconception about gondolas that American’s have is that the gondoliers sing. Not true. But! I did manage to snag a video of this guy singing on his gondola.

I love window shopping in Venice. The Murano glass sculptures are just beautiful. I of course, had to buy myself a new necklace and a present for my roommate. Shani and I didn’t make it to Murano Island and the Glass Museum so I was really hoping we could go this time. But after walking around all day we realized the museum was already closed! boo. So, I guess another trip to Venice is in my future.


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  1. When we stayed in Venice, our hotel was on a small canal. They didn't sing but we heard them saying "Gondola! Gondola! Gondola!" to get business. It wasn't as obnoxious are it sounds. :-)