Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Greatest Food in the World

How can I have a blog about being a foodie and not dedicate a post to the best cuisine in the world (Italian)? Like I mentioned in my Walnut Pesto post, Italian food has been a part of my life for a LONG time. So, when I go to Italy I take full advantage of eating as much as possible. Luckily, this time I didn’t actually gain any weight! lucky me! I chalk it up to being cheap and not taking the metro.

Click the picture to see more flags made from their country's traditional food!



America’s favorite Italian food. It is a lot different in Italy than it is in the US. The crust is a lot thinner and homemade (at least at every restaurant I have been to in Italy). The toppings are also a little more adventurous than in the US. In the US its taboo to eat an entire pizza, but this is the norm in Italy! Since the crust is so thin a whole plate size pizza makes a perfect meal. One of my favorite things about pizza in Italy is when you can find it cooked in a wood fire oven. The taste is unbeatable!




In my opinion,it is so much better in Italy than in the US because most places, apart from the tourist restaurants, make their own. It is delicious when you have homemade pasta! There are so many different shapes and sizes in Italy they would need their own blog! My favorites are the stuffed pasta. There are endless combinations from basic cheese and herbs to foie gras and seafood! So much fun! My most favorite stuffed pasta of all time is pumpkin or butternut squash with a sage butter sauce. Very simple and VERY delicious. Also, incredibly easy to make!





Ice cream’s more delicious sibling. Gelato is a lot creamier and softer than the traditional American ice cream. Its soft texture and higher serving temperature make it so you can taste the flavors more. This is an interesting article I found awhile ago that talks about the differences between ice cream and gelato. One tip I can give for people looking for good gelato in Italy: stay away from the shops with extreme colors of gelato. (For example, pistachio gelato should be a pale green, not a bright crayon color)Just don’t even try at those places, the faker the color the faker the flavor. There are tons of artisanal gelato shops and are definitely worth the walk down the side street! Trust me, I think I have eaten my weight in gelato after 3 trips to Italy!


This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the food I could talk about Leave me a comment if you have a delicious Italian food story!

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  1. I went to Rome a few years back and I just about died over the food! It was beyond delicious!
    I'm lucky in that I live in the south of France and since loads of people here are part Italian, and I'm not too far from the Italian border, the pizza here is pretty darn good too :)