Monday, September 2, 2013

Beautiful Torino

Venice was Mo’s choice for a day trip and Torino was mine. I had wanted to go to Torino since the 2006 Olympics.

A park right outside the train station


In my opinion, Torino is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It has a ton of old buildings, really nice piazzas and a beautiful river.



We were only there for a few hours and by the end were both thinking of finding a hotel so we could spend more time there!

on the way to the river
On the way down to the river

at the church
At the entry way to the church on the other side of the river
Unfortunately, most things were closed so we just enjoyed spending our time relaxing and walking around. I also had a vegetarian fail (Yes, I am a foodie and a vegetarian), when I completely forgot that agnolotti, a typical pasta of Northern Italy, is always filled with meat. Luckily, I didn’t eat too much!


The cathedral in Torino houses the Shroud of Turin which is supposedly the cloth Christ was wrapped in when he was crucified. Only the Pope and one of the high-ups in the Torino Cathedral can decide when to bring the real cloth out. Visible in the church is a replica.


Torino also has the National Cinema Museum which includes a tower with beautiful views of the city. We weren’t able to go up, because the line was REALLY long. The only way up is by elevator. Has anyone ever been there who wants to share some photos??

Cinema Museum
Torino also houses some factories of really famous products. Tic-tacs, Nutella and Fiat are all made in Torino! It’s not clear whether these factories are open to the public, though.

He is always stopping to feed the birds
I love this birds face!

The Olympics must have taken place outside of Torino, because we could not find anything about how to visit the Olympic village.

So, if you end up going to Torino learn from my mistakes and do a little more research first! And most importantly, enjoy this beautiful city!! Torino in my mind is up there with Bologna in terms of beauty. I really enjoyed my day there.

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