Monday, March 17, 2014

Las Fallas 2014: La Plantà

One of the most interesting events during Las Fallas is La Plantà. Throughout the week leading up to Fallas the parts of the ninots start to arrive on big trucks all wrapped up in plastic. In theory, the Plantà is supposed to take place the night of March 15th, but a lot of the work is done ahead of time.


While not technically a ninot, it is still interesting to see how the statue of the Virgin is put together
The very beginning stages

It is really fun to see how the structures come together. Giant cranes are used for the biggest ninots. Each one is like a giant puzzle and fits together seamlessly. The night of the 15th is when you can see the final details being up on. Like finishing touches on the painting, or small adornments and signs to explain the ninot.



Since Las Fallas is a huge competition, the ninots which are not finished by the morning of the 16th are disqualified and can’t be saved from la cremà on the final night of Las Fallas.




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