Sunday, March 23, 2014

Las Fallas 2014: La Ofrenda

Another part of Las Fallas that people look forward to is La Ofrenda. For two days starting at about 4pm and going well past midnight, thousands of falleras and falleros from all over Valencia parade through the streets in their traditional clothing accompanied by their music groups.



Each Fallera and Fallero carries an offering of a small bouquet of flowers for the Virgin Mary, the Patron of Valencia. The bouquets are thrown to people standing on the statue who carefully place the flowers to create the cloak of the Virgin. Most fallero groups also carry an enormous bouquet of flowers which they also use as an offering. These huge bouquets are placed around the Plaza de la Virgin making the whole area smell amazing.






The offering originally began as a true religious procession, but has now morphed into a chance to exhibit all the falleras and falleros from Valencia. For me, it is the perfect opportunity to admire all the beautiful dresses!

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