Thursday, October 23, 2014

Street Art in Valencia

One of the things that really surprised me when I first got to Spain is how much graffiti is on EVERYTHING here. Historical buildings and regular buildings are not spared from the spray paint. When a friend came to visit me my first year she kept asking why they didn’t clean it up. I don’t know the answer for sure….but knowing the mentality of the Spaniards I’m making an educated guess that they don’t think it’s worth the time and money to clean it up because it will be back up in no time.
This is graffiti. What is below is art.
There is a bright side to this though. Street art! Valencia has a few artists that can be seen all over the city. Some are whole walls of buildings and some are hidden, but they are definitely something fun to keep your eye out for as you walk around the city.
Street Art 1

Street Art 2

Street Art 3

Street Art 4

Street Art 5

Street Art 6

Street Art 8

Street Art 9

Street Art 10

Street Art 11

Street Art 12

Street Art 13

Street Art 14

Street Art 15

Street Art 16

Street Art 19

Street Art 20

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