Monday, April 7, 2014

Las Fallas 2014: Tips to Enjoy the Fun!

Believe it or not Las Fallas can be stressful. There are so many things to see and do and so little time for it! Now, I’m definitely not an expert, but I have survived 3 years of Las Fallas. Each year has helped me learn how to truly enjoy the festival. I’ve compiled a little list of my favorite tips and tricks so you wont be overwhelmed by Las Fallas.

Someone is a little stressed out...
See the video of these lights below
1. Stay hydrated!
This is the most important thing for any big out door fest and Fallas is no different. Make sure you have a big bottle of water with you at all times because you will be out walking in the sun all day.

The winning Falla Infantil. See it on fire here
See this on fire here
See the video of this below
2. Eat all the buñuelos!
The magical thing about Fallas is all the churros/buñuelos/porras trucks that appear all over the city. Churros con chocolate is a very famous Spanish breakfast of a fried dough stick dipped in hot chocolate sauce. Porras are a fatter version that are softer. Buñuelos de calabaza are a Valencian delicacy. They are fried pumpkin doughnuts and they are delicious! Eat as many as you can!

Me after eating all the churros and Buñuelos
3. Don’t try to see everything!
During the festival there are concerts, fireworks, light shows, traditional music and dancing, parties, parades and over 700 fallas to see. It is literally impossible to see everything. Instead of getting stressed out about trying to see everything, get a schedule of the events and decide which are most important for you. You will enjoy everything much more if you are not always worrying about missing something.

See the video of the traditional dancing below


4. See it with a newbie!
If you have the chance to visit Las Fallas more than once, you should try to bring someone who has never seen it before. I remember my second year my parents came to visit and seeing their reactions to everything was so much fun!

I would like to point out that I had a fever that day....
Even Obama can't escape Las Fallas

5. Have fun!
The festival is only a few days, enjoy it!


Why not?
This was not the winning light display, but it was many people's favorite
Traditional music and dancing in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

This was the winning display.

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